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Print Form WINE SAMPLE SUBMISSION FORM Wine Enthusiast tastes reviews and rates wines for our Buying Guide and feature article consideration. Our mission is to provide readers with useful information about currently available wines and select older examples. Wine Enthusiast promises only to make every effort to objectively taste and review samples received and to provide our readers with that information. There is no charge for participation in the tasting and review program all non domestic...
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hello everybody and welcome to Wine Library TV I am David color filling in for the great gary vay-ner-chuk like to introduce to you my co-host today this is month two core not to be confused with the other great tiger Manticore this guy's much much better okay let's get right into the tasting today we are going to taste yet another famous celebrity winemakers wine we tasted the great couple of wines and the greg norman wines of Australia we've got another celebrity winemaker dabbling into the wine business not going to say who it is but you may be able to figure it out this is the JT vineyards SexyBack 2006 Sanji Oh bassy get a nice look at his uh his label there and we're going to sample this one out and see what we think okay let's give it a pour and see what we got going on here alright first of all let's notice we've got a nice color sanjivet C's are not known for being deep red like your Zinfandels and surahs' let's get a nice look at that color there then yeah pretty good and now let's give it a sniff so we're got going on here a little bit of a little earthy a little bit of asparagus um you can lift this in there we're gonna grass and leave some dirt just a hint of sweaty t-shirt and some sweat socks just a little hint let's get this bad boy taste and see what's going on JT vineyards okay you know the New York Jets do win the Superbowl I probably still will buy them I think I will um yeah I don't know if words can quite describe what I'm tasting in here definitely some some earthiness down to the down to the Moldy part of the earth underneath all the leaves and the twigs and kind of a rain forest you get that mould that kind of and the spores that kind of grow underneath the twigs and the leaves taste them a little bit of that in there definitely you know if you could take a chorus line of maybe 12 or 13 chorus line singers and and then they all finished with like a two or three hour show and none of them get a chance to take a shower before they go to bed and then they all wake up the next morning in the same dormitory what that dormitory smells like in the morning if you can put that into a flavor that's definitely what I'm getting in here let's try for a second opinion mug decor he's very discerning so we're gonna see what we got going on in here ready let's give it a shot here mmm you know Dave definitely I think it smells a little bit like poop you know I was gonna say that but I'm glad you said it first so JT pass with three Z's phzzz good singer decent dancer but I don't think you've got a career in the winemaking business JT so uh that's all we have for today Wine Library TV remember a little bit of Gary mixed with a little bit of you and and we'll all go change the world together go Jets see you later hello everybody welcome to Wine Library TV I am your host gary vay-ner-chuk a wonderful wonderful wonderful Monday...
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